We love creators!
We love creators!

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Trusted by world class creators

“Our members are so impressed. It's intuitive. It's clean. It's distraction free. If you're building a community where you want the focus to be on your members and the discussion, I highly recommend checking out Circle. I'm so glad we made this decision.”

Pat Flynn

Smart Passive income

Easily set up a premium community for every use-case

You can make Circle work for your project. Circle is flexible, white-labeled, and powers hundreds of diverse community types.


Membership communities

Circle offers the flexibility to create a membership experience that's truly yours.

With direct integrations to tools like Memberstack and Memberspace, Circle can fit seamlessly into the rest of your membership stack.

Examples include...

Exclusive memberships
Communities for courses
Premium masterminds
Paid newsletters
Conference communities

Course communities

Add a community to your course, help your students connect with each other, and improve student-outcomes. Integrate with Teachable, Kajabi, and other course platforms.


Coaching communities

Provide a dedicated home for your coaching clients to get access to resources, connect with each other, and interact directly with you.


Product communities

Give your customers the space to share ideas with each other for how to best use your product.


Brands & startups

Building an engaged community is a super power for any brand. Integrate your community directly into your product or website.



Provide a space for your students, parents, and teachers to gather for your microschool pod. Share resources, discuss schoolwork, and stay organized.


Newsletter communities

Your readers are smart and have so much in common. Help them meet each other and continue the discussion inside of your own community.


Podcast communities

Your listeners want to keep the conversation going after the episode is over. Offer premium content they can’t get anywhere else.

“In the last edition of our course, we included a Circle community. It has had a profound impact on the community-building aspect of the course. It is far more modern, user-friendly, interactive, and multifaceted than any other platform out there, and we’re making it the home of our student community.“

We built Circle for
creators like you

Communities are the shelf life of independent online creators. They build connections among members, enable profound experiences, and empower vocal advocates.

But after speaking to hundreds of creators, we observed them struggle with co-opted products, stitch together subpar solutions, and wrestle with discussion boards that went stale.

So, we built Circle: a community platform that integrates with your creator stack and transforms your passive audience into passionate superfans for life.

Start your community today

Organize your discussions in public or private spaces

You can make Circle work for your community. Circle is flexible, white-labeled, and powers diverse community types.

“We shifted our 60k member community off of Facebook and on to Circle, to give our creators a more private space to share big wins, collaborate, find a support system, and more.“

Built for engaging discussions and connections

With rich posts, member profiles, and direct messaging, create a community where real connections takes place.

“One of the perks of using Circle for your community is the stats, really cool to see which topics people engage the most with.”
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Founder, Ness Labs

A premium, white-labeled community experience

Your community, your branding. Choose your own brand colors, add a custom domain, and own 100% of your member data.

“I can’t believe how well this community software is put together.”
Eric Nordhoff
Founder, Quietime Music

Monetize your community

Use Circle Paywalls to charge for your community out-of-the-box. Gate access to premium spaces and exclusive content.

Easily connects with the tools you already use

Integrate your community right into your website, product, online course, or membership experience. Automate flows across your creator stack with our integrations.

“Circle single sign-on makes adding a community to your paid membership effortless.  No code is only getting more powerful over time.”
Seth Kramer
Founder @ NoCode MBA

“I could not be more thrilled that I ended up deciding on Circle to become the home of the Lightbulb Moment community. I searched far and wide and researched all the other options before making my decision. Circle just nailed it for me.”

Kevin Fremon

Lightbulb Moment

Creators are building thriving communities on Circle

We ❤️ our creators

The way y’all listen to your customers while also prioritizing product enhancements should be the gold standard.

Jay Clouse, Founder @ Freelancing School

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