We'll handle the payments. You focus on growth.

Join the growing list of creators and brands that have worked with Circle to migrate thousands of members and millions of dollars, for free.

Working with our experts saves you time and money

Moving your community is hard. Moving payments is harder. We craft a tailored migration plan with your needs in mind, offering best practices and a suite of tools designed to help you earn more from your memberships, setting you up for success.

Reduce involuntary churn and ensure members don’t slip through the cracks.
Cut administrative costs by consolidating all your payments onto Circle.
Offer a streamlined billing portal that enables easy upgrades and boosts revenue.
“One of the biggest reasons we never changed community platforms was migrating all those subscriptions...that was one of my biggest fears. We were really concerned about that...the migrations team was super helpful and the actual payments migration was awesome.”
Ricky Kesler
Founder, Income School
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4 simple steps in under 10 days

Day 1
Get the process started

Request a migration & schedule a kickoff call

Just fill out the form on this page to get started! We’ll reach back out within 24 hours to schedule a kickoff call and begin the migration process.

Day 2-9
We’ll handle it

Build your migration plan & export data

We'll tailor a migration plan for you. Review it, grant us access to your previous platform, and we'll securely export your member data for migration.

Day 10
We’ll handle it

Schedule your migration

On migration day, we'll securely transfer your members' subscription and payment information to Circle ensuring a disruption-free transition.

Day 11+
We’ll handle it

Post-migration support

To guarantee your success, we stay plugged into your business after the migration. Whatever post-migration support you need is free.

Our track record

Millions of dollars migrated from legacy platforms

Dozens of leading creators and brands migrated

10,000+ members migrated without community interruption

If your old platform accepts payments, we’ve got you covered

Ready to simplify your memberships? Let's make the switch together!

Frequently asked questions

How long does a payment migration usually take?

Most migrations are completed within 10 business days and we do our best to accommodate your schedule. Once we have a better understanding of your setup and requirements, we’ll provide you with an estimate for your migration.

How much does the payment migration service cost?
How do I communicate with your team during the migration process?
I want to change my membership structure when I migrate my members. Can you support that?
Which payment providers can you help me migrate from?
How do you manage the security of sensitive member data?
Still can’t find the answer? Go to help center