Bring your community vision to life with in-depth customization.

Design the ultimate experience for your members with Circle’s flexible and intuitive customization options.

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Set up your community exactly how you want it.

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Build your community with flexible spaces.

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Customize your community to match your brand.

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Craft the ideal experience for your members.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

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More than 10,000 businesses across the world trust Circle with their community.

Build your community, your way

All the building blocks you need in one place, under your brand.

  • Mix and match post, event, chat, and course spaces
  • Set spaces as Open, Private, or Secret and adjust notification preferences
  • Engage through live streams, masterclasses, coaching, and more
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Apply your branding in just a few clicks

Easily tailor the look and feel of your community to match your brand.

  • Choose your community name and URL
  • Customize your logo, imagery, and color palette
  • Provide one easy login for your members for everything
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Make a lasting impression through personalized onboarding

Add a personal touch that sets you apart and watch engagement soar.

  • Collect important information and segment members accordingly
  • Add newcomers to relevant spaces and connect them to peers from the start
  • Customize onboarding messages, nudges, and event invitations
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With Circle, you’re always in control

Create a safe, distraction-free online environment for your members.

  • Free yourself from ads, spam, and random censorship
  • Own your domain, data, and content
  • Keep your data private and secure with industry-grade encryption
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Common questions about customization options

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Create a seamless brand experience for your members by hosting your community on Circle.

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