Launch your own branded community app in 6 weeks or less with Circle Plus

Your world-class community deserves a premium member experience. Circle Plus offers a done-for-you branded mobile app, with custom designs, concierge support, migrations, and much more. Available on iOS and Android today.

Get your own branded app without the hassle of building it from scratch

Deliver membership experiences, courses, and content from your own branded app.

Skip the stress of spending six figures developing, launching, and maintaining a custom app.

Create an exceptional community experience that boosts your credibility and bottom line.

"I hired Circle to help me move my Exit Five marketing community off of Facebook to Circle Plus. The team has been super helpful and responsive in making the transition. I can already tell Circle Plus is going to be a big step up for the 3,500 members we have in our community today."

Dave Gerhardt,

Founder, Exit Five

Scale your audience and revenue through a premium member experience

Put your brand front and center

All the Circle features users know and love, cloaked in your branding for a seamless member experience.

The easiest path to engagement

Smooth onboarding flows are game changers when it comes to boosting conversion and retention.

Convert more customers

Create a new channel to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and increase conversions.

Go live in the app stores in 6 weeks or less

"Circle has the expertise to ensure a smooth experience for my community members, taking care of app submission and maintenance seamlessly. Being a Circle Plus member has made managing my membership base incredibly easy. Circle has given a boost with enhanced functionality and streamlined operations as we scale up the community.”

Chris Knight

Co-founder of Lowrider

Ensure an outstanding (re)launch with our white-glove service

Exclusive design studio

Our team will create design assets for a user experience that perfectly matches your brand.

Courses & payments migrations

Worried about moving from one platform to another? We will migrate your courses and member payment data so that all you need to do is welcome them to their new home.

The highest product limits

Give your community room to grow with more spaces, admins, moderators, live stream hours, file storage, and more.

VIP concierge support

Get a dedicated Circle Plus community strategist with best practices from our 8,000+ customers so you can bring your vision to life.

Frequently asked questions

Circle Plus is a turn-key, fully-branded app that comes with VIP concierge support—and without the premium price tag. The platform itself is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and highly engaging online home for your community.


While other community platforms offer similar services, they are much more costly and less user-friendly. And while custom-built apps let you create whatever you want, they are hugely expensive to build and maintain—especially if you don’t have your own developers on staff.


With Circle Plus, our custom design services, done-for-you migrations, and a dedicated community strategist, you are incredibly well-positioned to scale your audience and revenue with ease.

Circle Plus is our highest tier plan and comes with our most premium technology, services, and limits. We have a few different pricing options for you to choose from.

To learn more about our pricing and payment options, chat to our sales team here.

Absolutely! While we own the platform software, you retain full ownership of your community, content, and data. 


You will also have full control over your App Store Listings and can update them at any time.

Our creative studio will help you create premium design assets that perfectly match your brand.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll give us a few items for inspiration like your logos, color themes, and websites
  • We’ll prepare a selection of options for you to choose from
  • You’ll choose which ones you like (we’re happy to do a few minor tweaks if needed)

We currently offer payment and course migrations. These are designed to help you bring your people, content, and payments together in one platform, as well as save hours and hours of time doing it.


Payment migrations:

Our team will migrate all of your payment information—memberships, subscriptions, your customers’ payment method history—from your old provider to Circle, which is powered by Stripe.


Course migrations:

Our team will migrate all of your courses from other course platforms. Just point us in the direction of your course content, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Circle Plus comes with higher limits across the platform to give your community plenty of room to grow.  

With Circle Plus, we have the ability to tailor your limits to best suit your needs—book a call here to learn more.

Our goal is to ensure that you have everything you need for your community to launch, thrive, and grow on Circle Plus.


That’s why with VIP concierge support, you’ll get:

  • A dedicated Circle Plus community strategist who will accompany you on every step of your journey. Our strategists work closely with our most successful communities and are there to help you reduce the guesswork with proven best practices.
  • Responses to any queries you have in three hours or less, seven days a week, via
  • Access to our Circle Customer Community and Enterprise+ Office Hours to help you accelerate your success

Still can’t find the answer?

 Give your customers the world-class member experience they deserve with Circle Plus.