Learn how TroopHR sets up Circle to help HR professionals thrive
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Learn how TroopHR sets up Circle to help HR professionals thrive

“TroopHR is an educational training ground and professional community for HR leaders. Our members come together to share content, build leadership skills and expand their network with the brightest minds in HR and industry thought-leaders.”
Tracy Avin, TroopHR Community Manager
How do your members benefit from Circle?

“We offer a variety of spaces where members can find value, contribute, and connect with one another. These are: 

  • The main feed is where members enter the community and see highlights of the spaces they’re in.
  • The Evergreen channel offers community guidelines, showing our members what we expect from them.
  • In resources, members can register for upcoming live sessions and replay previous ones.
  • In the Member director, members can see each other’s profiles and connect with one another.
  • Office Hours is where members can “speed network” with each other.
  • In Job opportunities, members can submit their open HR roles and look for new ones.
  • Ask an expert is where we integrated Typeform for members to submit confidential questions.
  • We have discussion channels for topics related to HR and the people function. Here, members can share ideas, resources, answer questions, and get to know each other.
  • Leadership Squads are private channels where members receive leadership coaching in groups of 10-12.”

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