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Learn how Top Coach helps coaches connect, learn, and grow with Circle
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Learn how Top Coach helps coaches connect, learn, and grow with Circle


“Top Coach is for business coaches from various methods and backgrounds. We felt the need to get coaches together to break out of our own coaching bubbles. In order to grow as coaches, we must challenge our thinking in a place where we connect, learn, and grow together. 

In turn, we better serve our clients, who operate better companies, deliver better products, and create a greater and more positive impact on the world.”
Zack Swire, Founder of Top Coach
Why did you choose Circle as a platform for your community?

“We felt that Circle was so much stronger than Slack and Facebook and other systems that are out there.”

How do you view your community and how does it fit with Circle?

“We see our community as a simple place for coaches to come and connect and learn/ grow together. So the Circle platform works for that! We’re excited to be using this awesome Circle platform!”

Top Coach make use of different sections to allow their coaches with things in common to bond more directly. This includes sections relating to sports, faith and more!

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