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The Quiz Collective uses Circle to help community members generate more leads
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The Quiz Collective uses Circle to help community members generate more leads


The Quiz Collective’s members are small business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives looking to grow their email lists and segment their audience so they can generate more leads and more readily turn browsers into buyers! 

They typically sell products, courses, and digital services and gather in the quiz collective for support in creating and optimizing quizzes. They also host discussions relating to other areas of business such as copywriting, ads, marketing/ promo, branding, design, and more. 

In what way is The Quiz Collective using Circle to benefit its members?

“Once you’re in the community you can sign up for the next quiz coaching cohort and this is where I’ll take you through the quiz creation process. 

Each step of the way is listed at the side of the member’s screen in its own channel, so members can come back to these spaces and ask questions, share wins, get feedback, and learn from other members that are in the same stage of the quiz creation process.”

The Quiz Collective also makes use of channel customization including:

  • “Share your Creator Story”
  • Facebook ads support
  • Copywriting support
  • Brand & design support
  • Promote yourself!
  • And a section for new entrepreneurs

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