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The Dive Club uses Circle as a community platform for students/alumni of Second Wave Dive
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The Dive Club uses Circle as a community platform for students/alumni of Second Wave Dive

The Dive Club is a community of mid-career design professionals who are students and alumni of Second Wave Dive learning cohorts. They use Circle as the community platform for courses, live events, resource sharing, and more.
Ryan Rumsey, Founder of Second Wave Dive
What do you use Circle for? 

“We use Circle primarily for our alumni and active students as the learning hub for our course. We provide a lot of initial information about how to use this community, provide checklists for how they can begin learning and give them a tour of our spaces.”

“It’s also a primary space for us to share different types of resources for different learning styles. Our cohorts are all about learning and what we want to do in these cohorts is provide different ways to learn, whether it’s text, graphic, video-based material, or live events. 

We use Circle to host different types of information depending on when it’s needed and often upload video replays of our events for members by embedding Vimeo into the community.”

What do you love about Circle?

“What we love about Circle is that we can embed from different platforms and that we can keep our cohorts in a private space. Having learners in a private space means that when new students are feeling nervous or uncomfortable, they can learn in a space with like-minded students.”

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