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Moms at Work helps working moms succeed in their careers using the Circle platform
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Moms at Work helps working moms succeed in their careers using the Circle platform

“Moms at Work is Canada’s largest and most trusted community for working moms. We help women succeed in their careers by providing solutions-focused programming, support and advocacy.” 
Colette Abbott, Founder of Moms at Work
What’s your favorite Circle feature?

 “I love the overall layout of Circle and how easy it is to find conversations or events you want to join – especially compared to Facebook which is where our community was established. 

Our members have three main focus areas: career growth, leadership and advocacy, so we’re able to nurture those interests in an organized way. 

We run 8-10 events a month so the new event space works well and our members love being able to add events to their calendars with one click.”

Can you share a recent community win?

 “We’ve recently seen our member-led events take off and it’s been exciting being able to offer a safe space where members can share their unique knowledge and expertise. 

Member-led events add value for both the presenters, since they are often showcasing their services or businesses as well as the attendees who gain free access to new information and resources.”

How does Circle help to advance your community’s offerings?

“We host a variety of events each month. These serve to connect members with each other (via virtual meet-ups and speed-networking events) and to offer career advice and support. We have also brought in speakers whose videos we can then add to our video library.”

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