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Mastering MuseScore use Circle to help music creators thrive
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Mastering MuseScore use Circle to help music creators thrive


Mastering MuseScore are music creators – composers, arrangers, and students of music theory. 

Many of them were brought together via our use of the free and open source music notation program MuseScore (of which the community leader is one of the developers). But our community is not limited to the use of that or any software.

What’s your favorite Circle community feature?

“What I most appreciate about Circle is the extent to which it really does feel like our own community. So it’s not so much one feature but more the, well, “non-Facebook-ness” of it. 

The things that go into that include the ability to set up different spaces with different permissions and with different looks and behaviors to provide the experience I want to provide.”

Can you talk about a recent community win?

“Seeing musicians regularly give each other feedback on their music, based on a common language we are developing together. 

There are plenty of platforms to get random comments, but here, they come from others who are going through the same journey and are dealing with the same concepts in their own music.”

What does Circle mean for your community?

“The community is where the musicians and students come together and support each other in our journey. 

So we post our music, give each other feedback and share resources. Some of our resources are free for our members to use and others are only available with subscription.”

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