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Learn how Circle helps creators grow their communities 

“Circle’s community provides a space for all Circle creators to help each other and build stronger communities together, with much less hassle than if they were on their own.”
Mathilde, Circle Community Leader
What’s special about the Circle community? 

“To create a thriving online community, you need three things: 

  1. The right tools
  2. The right skills/expertise
  3. Help along the way from people who can guide you

The Circle community provides all three. We connect creators with the right resources and with each other, so that they can achieve their community-building goals –– faster, together.”

How does the Circle community benefit its members? 

“We have spaces for discussions, experience sharing, and weekly office hours where members can get live answers from Mathilde and other creators. 

We also run “Show and Tell” events every week, where members can see what’s happening behind the scenes in our top communities.”

“Another way creators can contribute to this community and find value is through our “Ask for help” space, where they can ask questions and get tips, tricks, and tutorials from other creators for specific use cases.”

What’s your favorite feature of the Circle community? 

“ When we have bigger events, workshops, and discussions, they usually become permanent resources in our library. 

So if you don’t get a chance to watch them live, you can rewatch and continue the conversation in the comments by asking questions and sharing what you’ve learned – all in your own time.”

How does the community benefit Circle?

“This community also helps the Circle team to learn from our creators, understand their needs, and use their feedback to build the best community platform possible. 

For every new feature we’re about to roll out, we involve a handful of circle members in a private space to see what they think about the new feature, answer their questions, and improve it before we launch it.” 

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