How Caveday uses Circle to help members find their focus
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How Caveday uses Circle to help members find their focus


Caveday facilitates work sessions in a community that helps keep you focused and accountable. Anyone around the world who is looking for help finding focus in their work can come to Caveday for support. 

Think of Cave as a ‘guided group focus session’ — all led by trained focus experts and utilized by a community with the same goals as you.

What’s one of the most used features in your community?

“Through our community you can book “a cave” and instantly view our entire schedule. It’s like booking a gym session, but for your work!”

Caveday also uses Circle integrations for their forum. This is where their members can meet each other and chat. When you become a member of the Caveday community, you get an invitation to sign in and create a profile. 

They have all kinds of different channels including a welcome/introductory channel, a section for announcements, an events section and more!

What Circle launches have been most helpful within your community?

“The launch of the Events feature has been really helpful to collect quick RSVPs. The Questions section is also where I ask an open-ended question three times a week and depending on the question, we get all different types of engagement. It’s also a place where people can post their own questions!”

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