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See what the Bramble Community loves about Circle
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See what the Bramble Community loves about Circle

“Bramble Community is a place for people who want virtual events done differently. Many people who join our community are Bramble users (a video platform for social gatherings of any kind) — but you 100% don’t have to be. It’s for anyone to share knowledge about virtual gatherings and beyond.”
Gabrielle Leith, Community Manager at Bramble Community
How have you personalized your community using Circle?

“We try to have some of our creatives from our Bramble world right at the top of our community sections. I think it makes it engaging and brightens up the space!”

What’s your favorite Circle feature?

“The ‘Member Tags’ feature has been critical to helping us connect people in our community. When someone joins, I encourage them to do a post sharing more about themselves and to update their profile. 

The information provided here allows me to also give them any applicable “member tags” such as Community Pro, Event Pro, Educator, Artist, Writer…etc. Giving these tags makes people more searchable in our Members Directory. 

A lot of people use the Bramble Community to find event collaborators so this is a quick and easy way for them to discover people they may want to connect with.”

Can you share a recent community win?

“This past month, after an initial soft launch, we invited our first official cohort of members into the community! 

It was exciting to see people organically start to engage with the spaces I had created and RSVP to events. It was a very big first milestone for us and felt reaffirming for what we’re building!”

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