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See how 1 Minute Media uses Circle to help entrepreneurs improve their video content
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See how 1 Minute Media uses Circle to help entrepreneurs improve their video content


“1 Minute Media is a community built to help entrepreneurs and startups learn how to look and sound great on camera. 

We do that with video lessons to learn the basics and help people with gear acquisition and strategy for their video content. 

We also offer discounted services for our members, so if they need extra help setting up a Youtube channel or editing videos, they can get the help they need at a lower cost.”

Dan Bennet, Podcast Host, Youtuber, Videographer, and Founder of 1 Minute Media
What’s special about your community?

“We have live events so members can ask questions and the “Video Sandbox,” a separate space members can access for an additional cost. 

This is a space where members can stretch their wings, exercise video content muscles, post videos, and get loving critique and feedback from peers and video professionals. 

The beauty of Circle is that this can all happen in a private space where members don’t need to worry about trolls and can really practice before going live with their videos.”

What would you like to say about Circle itself? 

“I’d like to say thank you to Circle, especially Mathilde, our fearless community leader, for answering all our questions, getting us the resources we need, hosting incredible live events, and giving us a space to show off our communities and interact with each other in really meaningful ways.”

“I’d also like to thank other Circle community builders for showing us what you’ve built and how you’ve built it, asking great questions, helping me, and allowing me to help some of you. This has really been an awesome journey so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”

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