Run your live events directly on Circle.

Whether it’s a 5-person group coaching call, 50-member workshop, or 500-attendee summit with live Q&A, Circle has you covered.

Form capture for main CTA

Create immersive live video experiences right inside your Circle community.

Use live streams and live rooms to engage your members.

Offer workshops, coaching sessions, live AMAs, weekly office hours, and more.

Repurpose event recordings as content for other spaces to increase ROI.

Host engaging events with ease.

More than 8,000 businesses across the world trust Circle with their community.

All in one place

Host your events, community, and content on the same platform for higher engagement.

Event management, simplified

Less event-related headaches, more time actually connecting.

Real engagement in real-time

Foster meaningful connections by making events the heartbeat of your community.

Get more out of your content

No need to download, edit, and re-upload your live recordings.

8,000+ creators and businesses around the world trust Circle with their communities.

Common questions about events

Live streams and live rooms are already deeply integrated into your Circle community, meaning you can keep your members on the same platform for higher engagement. 

On top of that, your members already have Circle on their phones (it’s available on both Android and iOS), meaning that they don’t have to download and learn how to use any additional apps to join your events. 

This also makes it much easier to:

  • Attend events on the go
    Being able to join events on mobile means that your members don’t have to miss out on anything, even if they’re not at their desks during your event. You can even notify members about live events using mobile push notifications.
  • Manage your invitees
    Invite members and send upcoming event reminders based on which spaces, space groups, and member tags they belong to.
  • Save hours each week on admin tasks
    Instead of spending hours downloading, editing, and re-uploading Zoom video content, you can just record and share your videos with a click.
  • Get to know your event participants better
    Just click on a person’s name to see their rich member profile which includes their bio, the spaces they belong to, and their post and comment history.
  • Help members connect with each other
    You can also enable participants to see each other’s rich member profiles when they click on someone’s name during a live room, so everyone can connect from the get-go.

Not at the moment, but the layout of the events space works like a calendar with all of your events organized by month. If you’d like to include an external calendar in your community, like a Google calendar, you can embed the calendar in a post in your community and link to that post.

Live streams are for broadcasting to a larger audience, like big online summits, webinars, and more. Only hosts and co-hosts can turn their mics and cameras on, while participants can interact in the chat or raise their hands to be brought on to the stage by a host.


Live rooms are for hosting smaller, more interactive discussions where everyone can engage with each other. Everyone can have their camera on and unmute their mics by default, making it more like a meeting than a broadcast.

Live streams

Pro Plan: up to 100 total participants and 30 co-hosts

Business Plan: up to 200 total participants and 40 co-hosts

Enterprise Plan: up to 1000 total participants and 50 co-hosts

Live rooms

Pro Plan: up to 30 participants, all of whom can appear on camera and use their mic

Business Plan: up to 40 participants, all of whom can appear on camera and use their mic

Enterprise Plan: up to 50 participants, all of whom can appear on camera and use their mic

Yes! You can create and join a live room on the iOS app, meaning you can speak and appear on camera. 

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Unlock meaningful connections and powerful engagement through live events on Circle.