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Discussions are the heartbeat of your community on Circle

Provide a discussion platform your members actually want to use

Create a experience that drives engagement and activity

Full control over the conversation, with powerful moderation features

A town square of your own

More than 8,000 businesses across the world trust Circle with their community.

Rich and flexible discussions

Host engaging conversations in a community your members will love to call their own

Tools to maximize engagement

Make it easier for your members to engage with your community.

The place for all your content and conversations

There’s so much value in your community: make it accessible with Circle

Easy moderation and control

Circle’s moderation tools help you create an environment your members feel safe in.

“Our members are so impressed. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. It’s distraction free. I’m so glad we made this decision”

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Common questions about discussions on Circle

Absolutely. With Circle, you have total control. You can create “chat spaces”, which allow your members to have conversations in real-time. Or, if you prefer a more traditional forum experience, you can create a space for your members to post, reply and comment.


The best part? You can combine these different types of discussions. Part of your community can be chat-focused. Other areas can be tailored for asynchronous discussions with posts and comments.

You can embed hundreds of third-party applications, media types, and attachments. Some examples include third-party video providers, giphy, podcast players, survey tools, presentations, audio players and all standard file attachments. There are thousands of third-party providers. You can view the full list here.

Yes, every Circle community comes with a suite of moderation features to help provide safe experiences for your members. For instance, posts can be reported and flagged by other members. You can review flagged posts and approve or reject them. You can automatically flag posts from users who break your community guidelines multiple times. You even have the ability to set up profanity filters, which allow you to hide posts with certain terms.


At any time, you can grant moderation privileges to other members of your team or community. Circle’s moderation is always getting more powerful, so that you can truly be in control of your member experience.

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