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The 4 Myths Standing In The Way Of Creating Your Community

Learn practical ways to overcome the self sabotage to take sustainable action in building your community.


Join us for a free 60-minute workshop on how to leverage your community to grow your business.

December 6th



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What you’ll get from this FREE workshop:

  • Why community-powered businesses are winning and an outline of the “old way” vs. the “new way” of online business
  • 4 questions to ask yourself to gain clarity on what sustainable success looks like for you
  • 12 action steps to help you pick your community business model and focus on revenue generating activities
  • 11 ideas to create a truly-valuable community experience, so your members become raving fans
  • 8 examples of successful communities on Circle and how they are impacting their members
  • 12 truths to help you shift your mindset from overwhelmed to taking action on your community today

Meet your hosts!

Amanda Smith

Business Mentor and Consultant

Amanda is the CEO of Dallas Girl Gang and strategist for results-driven women in business. Her mission is to help you achieve that CEO status and get paid – all without selling your soul.

Alexis Teichmiller

Partnerships Manager at Circle

Alexis Teichmiller has spent the last 7 years helping six and seven figure entrepreneurs grow their businesses at companies like ConvertKit and Circle. 

What is Circle?

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You’re considering creating your first course or leveling up an existing one

You’re looking to launch a podcast, blog, or email newsletter

You want to have a customer, product, or existing membership community up and running

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Dec 6th, 2022

3 PM - 4 PM ET