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Community Experience Day

Join us to learn how to design & foster engaging communities
— in one action-packed day of live virtual workshops.
Wednesday, March 23rd | Workshops Beginning at 12pm ET / 9am PT
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Andy Guttormsen

Co-Founder of Circle

Pat Flynn

Founder and Creator of SPI

Matt Gartland


Alexis Teichmiller

Partnerships Manager at Circle

Jillian Benbow

Director of CX at SPI

Why does community matter?

Creators of all types stand to gain a lot with community:
  • Deeper relationships with their true fans.
  • Better new idea validation.
  • Recurring income.
  • Greater customer loyalty and value.
  • Elevated reputation and relevance.
  • More satisfaction and fun.
That's a lot to get excited about!
But what, exactly, are the skills needed to succeed as a community builder? Are their best practices and standards? Where should someone start? Ultimately, how do creators become pro-level community builders? We have a strong opinion on all that which we call Community Experience (CX).
What is CX?
Our idea of Community Experience (CX) incorporates all the mindset, strategies, tactics, standards, systems, workflows, responsibilities, and more that go into doing community well. Familiar with the practice of user experience (UX) design? That's similar to our thinking with CX; it's the all-in practice of designing and fostering community. Creators can become CX designers if they learn the proper skills. And that's precisely what we're here to teach: CX skills.

Welcome to CX Day!

We are collaborators and friends from SPI and Circle. Our respective companies champion community building within the creator economy. We've come to believe that creators lack a focal point for learning the comprehensive skillset needed for community building. We co-created this event to begin addressing that problem. This is the start of the journey. We're glad you're here with us.

The hosts

About SPI
We are a community-first team of creators, instructors, helpers, and operators with years of experience under our belt. We exist to provide accessible on-ramps to the creator economy. And we believe the future in this space belongs to the community builders. Through all our work, especially SPI Pro—our popular membership community for developing creators—we're proud to lead by example with what we know works when endeavoring to build, nurture, and grow a vibrant community.
About Circle
Circle is an all-in-one community platform for creators and brands. With Circle, you can bring together engaging discussions, members, live streams, chat, events, and memberships — all in one place, all under your own brand. Many of the top creators and brands run their entire business on Circle. You can easily start accepting payments in minutes. Whether you're offering a membership, one-time access to content, providing free trials or monthly recurring subscriptions — Circle has you covered.
Other brands and creators that trust Circle to manage their communities

CX Day Workshops:

Workshop #1 - 12pm ET
Community Building vs. Audience Building: The Vital Differences that Can Make or Break Your Online Business
Pat Flynn, Creator and Founder of SPI, and Matt Gartland, CEO of SPI
The future of business success will come from businesses that focus on building community, but building an audience and building a community are not the same thing.How do you best gain exposure for your brand while building a community on top of it? In this high-impact session, Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland of SPI Media uncover how creators should not only fuel audience growth, but how to do so with building a community in mind. Talking Points:
  • Why communities are the future of business, and how that’s different than just building an audience, or even just an email list.
  • Smart ways to discover what your audience is looking for in a community. Some are common throughout all communities, and some needs may be unique to your audience.
  • How to test what exactly your community should be about, and what will get members to not just join, but also stick around.
  • The differences between paid and free communities, and the benefits, and pitfalls of each.
  • Clear understanding as to whether or not a community makes sense for you and your business at this time.
Workshop #2 - 3pm ET
How to easily setup a home for your community: A look behind-the-scenes at the most popular community setups on Circle (and inspiration for your own!)
Andy Guttormsen, Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Circle and Alexis Teichmiller, Partnerships Manager at Circle
In this training, you'll get to see dozens of real-life examples of successful communities — and get inspiration for creating your own. In fact, we'll even build a community home from scratch, in real-time.
  • The most common ways to structure your community — so your community home is designed for connection and your members are encouraged to build relationships and engage.
  • We will build a brand new community from scratch with you, in real-time. You'll see just how quick it is to get up and running.
  • We'll cover "20 in 2". That is, in just two minutes, we'll walk through 20 real examples of different communities. There are so many different varieties and topics. We'll show you the breadth of what's possible.
Workshop #3 - 7pm ET
Built by Design: CX Strategy for your first 30 days
Hosted by Jillian Benbow, Director of CX at SPI
Most communities will fail, because most new community builders hyperfocus on the launch strategy and not on what happens afterwards.  Community engagement comes in many forms and methods, so knowing how to design a strategy specific to your present needs is an integral part of community success. 
Learn how to ensure your community is not just surviving, but thriving, by following a curated engagement strategy.  The Community Experience team at SPI will walk you through how to design a strategy that makes sense for your community’s first 30 days (and beyond).
  • Learn common engagement tactics and use cases for them
  • Create a community engagement strategy to test in your community
  • Learn how to create engagement goals to test your strategy effectiveness

Looking to create deeper connections with your online community?

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