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Set up your community exactly how you want it.

Build your community with flexible spaces.

Customize your community to match your brand.

Craft the ideal experience for your members.

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More than 8,000 businesses across the world trust Circle with their community.

Build your community, your way

All the building blocks you need in one place, under your brand.

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Easily tailor the look and feel of your community to match your brand.

Make a lasting impression through personalized onboarding

Add a personal touch that sets you apart and watch engagement soar.

With Circle, you’re always in control

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8,000+ creators and businesses around the world trust Circle with their communities.

Common questions about customization options on Circle

You can brand and customize your Circle community in a ton of ways:


  • Look and feel: change your community name, URL, visibility, header images, logo, and brand colors to create a consistent brand experience for your members.
  • Spaces: mix and match post, chat, event, and course spaces to set up your community exactly how you want it.
  • Domain name: on Pro and Enterprise plans, you can set up a custom domain that will re-direct to your community.
  • Onboarding: create tailored onboarding messages, pop-ups, and invitations to welcome your members and encourage high engagement from the start.
  • Links: create custom external links right from your community sidebar to direct members to helpful documents or other resources that might be helpful.
  • Code: add custom code snippets inside your community to implement custom JavaScript/CSS or services like Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel for tracking.
  • Embedded media: embed the comments section of Circle posts to external websites, blog posts, course lectures, and more to amplify community engagement.
  • Member tags: Create fun member tags that are visible to all members or just admins so it’s easy for everyone to know who’s who.
  • Zapier: Connect your platform to your existing toolstack and thousands of other apps using Zapier integrations.

All that and more! Check out our Knowledge Base for more details on how you can make your business and brand stand out on Circle.

The mobile app will reflect all of the changes you’ve made in your community settings, so whatever branding you apply on web will appear on the app, too.

Absolutely! You can access your community’s searchable member directory by clicking on the Members tab on the left sidebar. Click on the member name or profile pic in the directory to view their profile and learn more about them.


To learn more about the member directory and member management in general, have a look at the relevant section on our Knowledge Base here.

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