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How Inside the Show transformed a side project into an engaged learning community with Circle

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“Circle allowed me to get very high course completion rates of over 70%."

Felippe Nardi Founder, Inside the Show


Back in 2020, Felippe Nardi needed somewhere to host his new cohort-based course community—fast. But mainstream social media platforms were too disorganized, and they didn’t have the collaborative environment for the learning experience he envisioned for his members.


Circle’s intuitive UI and extensive engagement features like discussions, live events, group chats, and messaging enabled Felippe to hit the ground running and facilitate significant student transformations, transforming his side project into a sustainable, full-time job.

Course completion rates

Meet Felippe Nardi

A motion designer, software developer, and self-described “ex-corporate guy”, Felippe Nardi has been running his cohort-based course community Inside The Show for the past three years now.  His course breaks down how to create engaging Zoom virtual experiences that wow audiences, without needing to be super tech-savvy or hire a team.

The challenge: finding a collaborative platform that would be easy for members to use

It wasn’t always smooth sailing. Just like any progress worth making, it took some trial and error and a lot of consistent effort to turn his former side project into a full-time, engaged learning community. Let’s rewind a little to see how Felippe made it happen.


When Felippe was first looking into places to host an online course community, naturally, he considered Facebook Groups and similar mainstream social media platforms. After all, that’s what his audience was familiar with and would pick up the fastest—or so he thought.

“When I was starting out—and this is why I got on Circle so fast by the way—I knew how important, when creating something at the level that we are, it would be to collaborate. And I knew that Facebook wasn’t going to be organized, wasn’t going to be nice, and I had tried to use Facebook because that’s what so many people were familiar with. I tried a lot of different platforms.”

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Felippe Nardi

Founder, Inside the Show

Facebook Groups weren’t going to cut it. And neither were other clunky, incomplete solutions: the last thing Felippe wanted was to send his members to one place for his course and to another place for his community, causing confusion and a huge dropoff in engagement. 


And that’s where Circle came in.

The solution: Circle’s all-in-one, highly intuitive community platform

When Felippe came across Circle, he knew right away that he wanted to place his bets on the platform. Here’s why:

“When I found Circle, it was very simple… and there’s one thing that Circle has, which is still true now even with more features, which is that there is no learning curve to start using it.”

Simple. Flexible. Easy to get the hang of. Circle was the perfect place for Felippe to host his course and community, allowing him to bring together his people, content, and learning experience, all in one place, under his brand.

By hosting his community-powered course on Circle, Felippe can easily:

1. Boost engagement
Right from the start, Felippe has been incredibly intentional about sparking engagement, using very specific prompts, designated spaces, and 1-1 outreach to make sure it happens consistently. “If I don’t tell [my members] what to do, I assume that there’s not going to be engagement.” Felippe elaborates.

2. Reward participation
Felippe incentivizes his members to complete a weekly homework assignment (which involves recording and posting a progress video showing what they’ve learned so far) by entering anyone who participates into a raffle. The winner gets a piece of film equipment worth $80 that they can use in their own live sessions.

3. Repurpose content for marketing
Next up, he repurposes all that handy user-generated video content as marketing material to use on Instagram and other channels. This way, he has a constant stream of material to use to keep the customer acquisition machine going, without needing to generate it all himself from scratch.

Since Felippe started in 2020, he’s managed to launch and maintain a community-powered course with an impressive completion rate of over 70%.

Using Circle alongside his passion for creativity and connection, Felippe has now grown Inside the Show from a side project into a full-time gig with a thriving community of over 200 creatives from 49 countries.

And the community just keeps growing. From speakers, to performers and trainers, Felippe’s students walk away feeling inspired and ready to create their own unique live experiences on Zoom.

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