Mighty Networks vs Circle

Circle is the Mighty Networks alternative you and your people can call home

Mighty Networks can be hard to “get”, pushing people away and hurting your engagement. Circle communities are so easy to use, people enjoy interacting with you and each other, making everyone feel proudly at home.

More than 5,000 creators and businesses across the world trust Circle with their community.


Creators use Circle to power their community


Members across Circle communities

Mighty Networks builds great features — but what about your users’ experience?

Mighty Networks offers online courses, memberships, a white label app, and even a website builder! Many great tools — but when you put so much into a product, users might find it hard to navigate.

Community owners say Mighty Networks can be challenging for their members

It was more challenging to create engagement.

Verified Mighty Networks

review on G2

It’s not collaborative, it does nothing to invite users in.

Verified Mighty Networks

review on G2

Navigating the platform is not very intuitive – to the point of being a barrier for many community members.

Verified Mighty Networks

review on G2

Some of our members are confused about the home activity feed and the course activity feed and find it difficult to navigate between the two.

Verified Mighty Networks

review on G2

In my experience, it is very difficult to get people to join and engage.

Verified Mighty Networks

review on G2

Community members are limited in what they can share.

Verified Mighty Networks

review on G2

Features matter — but having an active, engaged community matters more

Circle makes your community a welcoming place for members, inspiring true conversations.


We keep things simple enough to help communities thrive, with tools and integrations to make creators’ lives easier, too.

Circle focuses on your members first, so they can focus on your content and each other

A community you feel proud of

Everything looks and feels like your brand. Your voice feels louder in a place built for you and your fans.

Easy for people to find and join you

Attract new people to your community by embedding it on your website and pages.

One purpose: true engagement

We won’t bloat Circle with features that look and work great but don’t help you drive engagement.

Circle keeps topics and conversations easy to access which leads to more engagement. We have found that our community members are highly engaged—a recent monthly challenge event generated over 500 comments!

Karen Beattie,

Marketing Manager at Smart Passive Income SPI Pro community

Launch immersive live streams with co-hosts

Go live to hundreds of your members with multiple co-hosts. Invite attendees to chat with you or join you on video. Create a rich video experience where people can actually connect, with crisp video & audio.

Co-host with creators and attendees

Make things fun and interactive whether it's a 5-person group coaching call, a 50-person online class, or a 500-person broadcast.

Video & audio that works

Don’t let poor tech kill your vibe. With Circle, audio doesn’t lag, video doesn’t freeze, and everything comes out crisp and clear.

Promote your upcoming events with RSVPs

Display your community's upcoming live streams. Members can easily RSVP and add the events to their calendar.

Circle lets you connect with your audience under one roof

Create content that inspires members

Make your posts unmissable with live streams, video, images, emojis and rich-format content.

Launch an exclusive group chat

Add select members to private group chats. Serve more customers at once and create a personalized experience for them.

Drive revenue with multiple monetization options

Attract new customers with free trials, upsell premium content, offer coupons, and process one-off payments — without members ever leaving your online community platform.

Keep members coming back to your content

Easily set up events and recurring events. Display them at the center of your community site so everyone knows what’s coming up and can RSVP.

NEW! Chat spaces

Get together to chat in real-time with hundreds of your members — the Circle alternative to Slack and Discord. Coming soon.

NEW! Courses

Run courses in Circle. Add another revenue stream to your business without ever leaving your online community. Coming soon.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Everything you need to engage your community is built inside Circle. If you want to connect certain tools here and there, you get thousands of integrations via Zapier.

Rich member profiles

Put the spotlight on your members with searchable member directories and rich profiles that show their true colors. Make it easier for your members to discover each other.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Allow members to join your community using their existing social profiles & tools. Put user experience first and see your engagement grow.

Join the Circle Community

Rub shoulders with community building experts and +5K creators

See how others are using Circle to build their community.
Share your wins, make new friends, and have fun!

I have been blown away by the generosity of my fellow course creators who have shared their setups and tips, and I instantly felt like I was a part of the group.

Meet and greet with seasoned community builders like Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Noele Flowers (Teachable), and Pedro Hernandes (Gumroad).

I personally think the folks building Circle are thinking about community in a more holistic way than some of the other tools on the market – they’re thinking beyond a forum.

Noele Flowers
Director of Community Education, Commsor

Mighty Networks vs Circle

Price comparison

How much revenue are you driving from memberships, subscriptions and one-off sales in a year?


Mighty Networks







Transaction fees

$1,000/yr At 1% per transaction

$2,000/yr At 2% per transaction

Yearly total



Mighty Networks vs Circle

Keep more of your tools in sync with Circle


Mighty Networks

Out-of-the-box integrations

  • Memberstac
  • MemberSpace
  • Memberful
  • WordPress
  • EasyCSV
  • Auth0
  • Teachable
  • Shopify
  • Typeform
  • Bubble
  • Outseta
  • Stripe
  • Zoom
  • Crowdcast
  • Google Analytics
  • Stripe
  • Slack

Zapier integration

Available on all plans

Only available on their Business Plan ($99/mo) and above

Integrately integration

Available on all plans

Not available

API access

Available with your Professional plan and above

Not available


Available on all plans

Only available on their Business Plan ($99/mo) and above

Live streaming

Unlimited on all plans

Limited to 2 or 4 hours per month, based on your plan

Live stream hosts

Invite co-hosts and members on video

Limited to 1 speaker

Embed widgets

Embed community spaces, posts and comments on your website

Not available

Migrating from Mighty Networks?

We know switching platforms can be stressful…

You don’t need to move your entire community all at once.

Get started with Circle for free, invite a few members and see how our friendly onboarding helps them feel at home in no time.

And if it doesn’t work out for you, you can still go back to what you’re using right now.

To do the things I wanted would make a hassle in terms of payment processing with Mighty Networks. Because I didn’t want to have 2 sites for my members and students I decided to do the trial at Circle to see if it was possible. I’m now a paid member and see that I can get my vision done.

Jana Oliveira


Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. We offer 30-minute demos for anyone considering signing up for Circle’s Professional or Enterprise plan. You can schedule a demo with our Sales team here.

Yes! We back our product with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you decide that Circle isn’t the online community platform for you, let us know and we’ll get you a full refund — no questions asked.

We believe so! When it comes to building your online community, Circle houses everything in one place.


You can interact with people via posts, comments, chats, images, direct messages, videos, and live streams. You can create online courses, knowledge bases, and membership sites. You can publish free content or create paywalls for people to subscribe to your premium material, such as online courses.


Everything is done inside Circle and it all feels like one consistent experience for your members. And if you want to connect Circle to other tools, you can do that too.

You bet! Circle is a modern community platform where the one thing we focus on is creating a friendly, easy-to-use environment for your online communities. We’d hate for you to lose followers because they don’t know how to engage with others or find the right content they’re looking for. Circle gives your community platform a clean interface with built-in onboarding flows that make people feel like they belong from the very beginning.

Circle charges a small fee for every transaction you complete via the platform, based on the plan you’re on.


Current transaction fees:

Basic plan: 4%

Professional plan: 1%

Enterprise plan: 0.5%

Yes, you can have API Access as part of your Professional or Enterprise plan. The Circle API lets online community admins perform programmatic actions on or retrieve data from their community. Read our API documentation here.

Congrats on starting on this journey! When you sign up for Circle, you get immediate access to our exclusive community of creators. You get to meet, chat and learn from +5K community builders and Circle experts. Inside, you’ll find live expert workshops on online community building, weekly coaching calls and office hours, behind-the-scenes tours of successful communities, Q&A sessions, expert interviews, and more! As soon as you sign up you should receive an email to join the Circle Community.

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