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Build a Circle community that engages customers and impacts your bottom line

Hivebrite prioritizes social communities. Enterprise organizations choose Circle to support customers, promote products, and grow their business.

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Brands use Circle to power their online communities


Members across Circle communities

I have fibromyalgia and using smartphones is much better for me than PCs and better for a lot of voice control, which is a big part of how I use tech. So thank you — for those of us with accessibility needs, the more ways we can use the product the better.
Headshot of Cam Houser
Cam Houser
Instructor at Minimal Viable Video
Disciple alternative

Hivebrite is built for communities that don’t prioritize revenue

But what about those that do?

Hivebrite prioritizes social communities. Without the right tools to connect their community and business, organizations find it hard to support customers, promote products, and impact revenue.

Circle keeps customers engaged and revenue coming in

Circle gives you the freedom to build any kind of online community where you can support community members and grow your business.

Works on any device

Built for brands and businesses

Your online community enjoys the same experience on desktop or mobile app.

Start with up to 1,000 members

10x cheaper to get started

Circle Basic plan is 10x lower than Hivebrite. Circle saves you money and improves your ROI.

Pay $0 in Apple and Google fees

Support from 5,000+ creators

Join an online community of 5K experts with office hours, training sessions, workshops and daily discussions.

Go live to your customers with live streams

Launch fun and interactive live streams whether it’s a 10-person training call, a 100-person webinar, or 1,000+ attendees to your latest product launch.

Interactive, shared experiences

Keep things engaging with co-hosts. Invite customers on video. Use the chat to drive up excitement.

Video & audio that works

With Circle, audio doesn’t lag, video doesn’t freeze, and everything comes out crisp and clear.

Promote upcoming events with RSVPs

Members can see and add events to their calendars. Ensure everyone gets to connect with your brand.
I personally think the folks building Circle are thinking about community in a more holistic way than some of the other tools on the market – they’re thinking beyond a forum.
Headshot of Noele Flowers
Noele Flowers
Community Manager

Circle connects your online community and your business

Create content that inspires members

Create content that inspires members

Make your posts unmissable with live streams, video, images, emojis and rich-format content.

Launch an exclusive group chat

Launch an exclusive group chat

Add select members to private group chats. Serve more customers at once and create a personalized experience for them.

Drive revenue with multiple monetization options

Drive revenue with multiple monetization options

Attract new customers with free trials, upsell premium content, offer coupons, and process one-off payments — without members ever leaving your online community platform.

Sync with 5,000+ apps via Zapier

Sync with 5,000+ apps via Zapier

Integrate Circle with any tool you’re already using. Connect what happens in your community to the rest of your business in a few clicks.

Keep members coming back to your content

Keep members coming back to your content

Easily set up events and recurring events. Display them at the center of your community site so everyone knows what’s coming up and can RSVP.

NEW! Chat spaces

NEW! Chat spaces

Get together to chat in real-time with hundreds of your members — the Circle alternative to Slack and Discord. Coming soon.

NEW! Courses

NEW! Courses

Run courses in Circle. Add another revenue stream to your business without ever leaving your online community. Coming soon.

Office hours 2x per week and support from +5K creators

Meet us live twice a week and get answers to your burning questions. See how others are using Circle to build their community. Share your wins, make new friends, and have fun!

Meet and greet with seasoned community builders like Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Noele Flowers (Teachable), and Pedro Hernandes (Gumroad).

Hivebrite vs Circle

Circle gives your members more tools to connect



Live streaming

Engage your community with immersive video

Not available

Group messages

Private chats with up to 50 members

Not available

Chat spaces

Chat spaces for 100s of members coming soon

Not available

Rich member profiles

Members can find each other & build connections

Not available

Out-of-the-box integrations

Memberstack, MemberSpace, Memberful, WordPress, EasyCSV, Teachable, Shopify, Bubble, Outsteta, Stripe, Auth0

Microsoft, Dynamics, Salesforce, Blackbaud, Microsoft Active Directory, GSuite, Auth0

Zapier integration

Integrate with 5,000+ apps

Not available

API Access

Available with your Professional plan and above

Not available

Integrately integration

Access 1,000s of integrations

Not available

Lowest available plan



Migrating from Hivebrite?

We know switching platforms can be stressful…

You don’t need to move your entire community all at once.

Get started with Circle for free, invite a few members and try some of the features you’ve been missing with Hivebrite.

Once you see engagement grow, you — and your members — will feel at home.

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To do the things I wanted would make a hassle in terms of payment processing with Mighty Networks. Because I didn't want to have 2 sites for my members and students I decided to do the trial at Circle to see if it was possible. I'm now a paid member and see that I can get my vision done.
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Jana Oliveira


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