There’s no need to juggle separate chat apps on top of your community.

Circle offers you the best of both worlds. Create spaces for real-time conversations, thoughtful discussions, live events, and more.

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The vibrant community your members deserve.

Seamlessly blend sync and async communication

Stay on top of community moderation with ease

Craft warm, personalized member experiences

Less crickets, more conversations.

More than 8,000 businesses across the world trust Circle with their community.

Why use 8 tools when you can just use 1?

All the chat features you need, right in the heart of your community.

Unlike on social media platforms, you’re in control with Circle

Create a safe, spam-free space for your members you can moderate with ease.

Boost engagement with a personal touch

Welcome members and help them feel at home right away.

“Our members are so impressed. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. It’s distraction free. I’m so glad we made this decision”

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Common questions about chat spaces

Yes, Circle offers you the best of both worlds! You can create a post space for asynchronous discussions where members create posts and comment on them, similar to what you see on your newsfeed on social media platforms. 


Alternatively, you can create a chat space (which looks more like any other messaging platform) where everybody can discuss things spontaneously in real-time.

No – for privacy reasons, messages members send to each other are kept private.

Group chats are private messages that you or your members send to more than one person. For example, you could send a private message to two people in order to introduce them to each other or to plan a team lunch.


Think of chat spaces more like real-time channels for different purposes and topics, much like Slack and Discord. Members can join themselves and start interacting right away (if your spaces are public) or you can add them to these spaces (if they’re private.)

Yes! Chat is available on both our iOS and Android apps, which means you can get notified about messages via push notifications (instead of email) and interact with your community on the go.

To get started, check out this great example from our Contest space and this helpful thread in our Ask the Community space about how Circlers are using chat. 

You can also visit our Knowledge Base here for more information on how to use chat.

Still can’t find the answer?

Get your community talking with chat on Circle.