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In two weeks, we have 10Xed the value of the our community by moving to Circle.
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Dave Gerhardt
Founder, Exit Five

Build an engaging community in just four steps

Combine all your offerings in one place, under your brand


Get clear on your offer

Identify the purpose of your community and how it will provide value to your audience

Build and launch

Set up your different spaces, make intentional pricing choices, and go live

Invite your audience

Spread the word about your new community and invite your audience to join

Chart your way forward

Create and execute engaging programming, collect feedback, and iterate

Where pros build community

“Circle has hosted two communities I’ve built—each time, it’s been important for the community to have flexibility, the ability to be customized, and create a seamless member experience.”

Reina Pomeroy, Senior Director of Community, Good Inside

“Build something that allows you to attract people, engage people, segment people, sell people, and serve people. To do all that you've got to use Circle.”

Brendon Burchard, the world's #1 high-performance coach and three-time New York Times best-selling author

“Our members are so impressed. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. It’s distraction-free. I’m so glad we made this decision.”

Pat Flynn, Founder, SPI Pro

We’ve been using Circle for over three years now to host our community. It’s been key to helping us bring thousands of creators together and served our needs at every stage of our development.

Ali Abdaal, Founder, Part-Time YouTuber Academy
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Good Inside
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Brendon Burchard
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Everything you need to build a thriving community

In one place, under your brand


Bring your community vision to life

Mix and match flexible spaces for discussions, courses, chat, events, and more to create the ultimate member experience.


Create a buzzing atmosphere members can’t get enough of

Spark engagement right from the start through rich discussions, live events, automated check-ins, rewards, and much more.


Set up flexible and user-friendly payments

Keep your payments in the same place as your community and content. Gate access, offer memberships, and earn more through easy cross-sells and up-sells.


Put community management on autopilot

Free yourself up to focus on strategic work. Automate repetitive tasks through workflows and use AI-powered analytics to understand which efforts make the most impact.

Circle has made it easy for me to create a membership without having to stress about platforms for all the things.
Headshot of Kelly Mirabella
Kelly Mirabella
Founder, Stellar Media Marketing

Access to 10,000+ community builders, just like you

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  • The Next CMO
  • Notion Mastery
  • Patients getting paid
  • AGC
  • OSSA
  • The Lab
  • Dreamer & Doers
  • moms-at-work
  • Local Creative
  • The Founding Moms
  • Good Inside
  • Founder University
  • English like a native
  • Business of Community
  • Ladies Get Paid
  • the show up society
  • Ness Labs
  • Pod People
  • Top Coach
  • Circle
  • Upfront Bond
  • Vision2Success
  • SQSP Club
  • Everything Marketplaces
  • Growth Forum
  • Case Study Club Pro
  • Butter
  • Learn.Community
  • Opus Literary Alliance
  • Swipe Files
  • TEDx Mentorship
  • SaaSBoomi Online
Weekly trainings and educational workshops
Learn how to onboard your members, grow your community, keep members engaged, community business models, and more in live weekly workshops with our team.
Office hours, bootcamps, checklists & more
See behind-the-scenes of successful communities running on Circle. Attend office hours and ask questions. Get access to helpful templates, guides and checklists as you setup your community on Circle.
Daily discussion with 8,500+ top community builders like you
Every day there are hundreds of lively discussions, posts, and ideas shared from people who are on the same journey as you. Build connections with others and get help along the way.

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Scale your community with workflows and customizations

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Circle allowed me to get very high course completion rates of over 70%.
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Felippe Nardi
Founder, Inside the Show

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