Introducing Community AI

Build better communities with the power of AI in Circle.

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At Circle, we’re team humanity.
We believe in using the power of AI to elevate human connection and create transformative relationships, not to move society towards dystopia.

Circle’s mission is to empower community builders like you. This year, we’re accelerating this mission by bringing a suite of unique AI features into Circle. These features will help you and your members connect, discover, learn, and create together.


This is just the beginning of years’ worth of AI improvements we have coming up.
 There will be more to share in the coming months, but we couldn’t wait to get these into your hands.


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Excited to be more human together,

Co-founder & CEO, Circle

Starting today, you can keep the momentum going with content co-pilot , your writing companion.

Meet your creative companion for brainstorming, repurposing, and refining high-value discussions your members will love.

Writer’s block no more

Generate infinite ideas for discussions, course lessons, events, and more.

Streamline your workflow

Turbocharge your writing process with co-pilot’s editing features.

Easy repurposing

Create summaries for event recaps, lessons, and posts with ease.

Make your videos searchable and accessible with automated transcriptions.

There’s so much value in your video posts, event recordings, and course lessons. With automated transcriptions, your members won’t miss any of it.

Auto-generated transcriptions

Seconds — that’s how long it takes our AI engine to generate a perfect transcription.

Accessibility on autopilot

Don’t leave some of your members behind with un-captioned video content. Table-stakes, right?

Instantly searchable

Rest easy knowing your members will find the answers they’re looking for in your videos, or when they search your community.

A better viewing experience

Members can jump to any position in your transcript so they engage with the parts that matter. 

Understand the behavior of your community with activity scores.

Track your members’ activity trends over time so you can confidently identify, measure, and optimize impactful actions in your community.

Measure what matters

Choose which signals are right for measuring your community goals.

Scale with confidence

See how your members respond to your outreach, discussion prompts, and events.

Spot trends

Experiment and observe how your members engage over time.

“Our members are so impressed. It’s intuitive. It’s clean. It’s distraction free. I’m so glad we made this decision”


Pat Flynn,

Smart Passive Income

Common questions about AI

Content co-pilot, automated transcriptions, and activity scores are available on Business, Enterprise, and Circle Plus.

Not at this time! With a Business, Enterprise, or Circle Plus account, you’ll have unlimited access to content co-pilot, automated transcriptions, and activity scores.

  • No more juggling between tools: Content co-pilot seamlessly integrates with Circle’s text editor, so you can ideate, write, and refine your copy all in one place. 

  • Sound like yourself in your community: Content co-pilot has a casual, conversational tone that sounds, well, human.

  • Repurpose your content in one click: Soon you’ll be able to select specific video transcripts to easily create recaps, summarize key takeaways, or pull out spontaneous testimonials. 
  • Searchable transcripts: All transcripts are instantly searchable in your Circle community, making it easy for your members to find what they’re looking for in seconds. 

  • Save hours: With done-for-you transcripts and closed captions, you can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manually downloading and uploading videos across external tools and file types. 

  • Accessibility on autopilot: Circle will transcribe all your uploaded videos automatically, and make them available as closed captions for hearing-impaired viewers.

  • Cost savings: We offer unlimited transcripts and closed captions for all video content in your community at no additional cost, whereas you might pay $60 for just 4 hours of transcribed content with other providers. 
  • Content co-pilot helps you write or edit content using only any data you specifically plug into the text editor.

  • Automated transcriptions generate transcriptions by processing your video content.

  • Activity scores are calculated by analyzing a member’s metadata (like visits or number of comments or posts), but not the text content of their posts, comments, or messages.

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If you’ve ever hosted a community event, you’re probably well aware that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating events that appear effortless…
If you create any sort of video content for your community, you’ll know that including transcripts can be really valuable to your members—they make it easier to follow along and improve accessibility…

Create a community you would be proud to be a member of.