How SQSP Club uses Circle to help freelancers websites using Squarespace
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How SQSP Club uses Circle to help freelancers websites using Squarespace


“SQSP Club is a community for freelancers who have built (or want to build) their own sites using Squarespace. Members can ask questions, attend events, browse resources and meet other small business owners. 

There’s a free community space which is open to anyone, and then I have restricted spaces for people who are on various programmes and trainings that I run. There are a lot of creatives in the community but members also include a business coach, marketer, copywriter, event planner, personal stylist and media communications expert. 

I love connecting people and have already had a collaboration take place between members who met in the community.” 
Katy Carlisle, Founder of SQSP Club
What customizable feature do you like about Circle?

“My community is free and open to anyone, but it is private — so only people who are in the community can see what you’re posting. There’s certain sections that are also private for members who are part of certain programs that I run. For example, my ‘Bootcamp But Nice’ program is private to only certain members.”

What can SQSP Club offer to its members through Circle?

SQSP Club offer:

  • Workshops
  • Online courses
  • Specialized programs and events
  • Resources for learning
  • Community spaces to discuss various topics

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