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Learn how More To That help writers craft better stories on Circle
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Learn how More To That help writers craft better stories on Circle

“This community is for students of my visual storytelling course, Thinking In Stories. People gather here to share what they’ve learned throughout the course, and share stories with one another during the experience.”
Lawrence Yeo, More To That Founder

“The course is designed as if it’s a camping trip, so we’ve designed our Circle community to appear like a “Story Campground.”

  • The Campfire is for sharing musings and reflections after each session.
  • Visual Lab is a place to share visuals, characters, and graphics they create.
  • The Story Inbox is where people share the stories they create with everyone else and get feedback.
  • There are spaces for the curriculum. Our storytelling curriculum is very visual and comprehensive, so I’ve incorporated a lot of that into the community.”
How have you benefited from using the Circle platform? 

“Circle has been invaluable in having everyone come together, share stories, give feedback, and do it in a fun and compelling way.”

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