Learn.Community helps community builders launch and run successful communities with Circle
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Learn.Community helps community builders launch and run successful communities with Circle


“Our members are community builders. We tend to attract two types of members:

Pre-launch folk: Aspire to launch their first community, but need help getting to launch Post-launch folk: Currently run a community, but need help to ensure it thrives/succeeds. 

Members love getting hands on, practical help growing their communities and also benefit from connecting with fellow community builders on a similar journey to them.”
Tom Ross, founder of Learn.Community
How does Circle help you engage with your community?

“We have a very active ‘ask questions’ space within our community. This is where members can respond, but also I make a point of responding to every single question. 

Members can also update their progress weekly in a separate section and get encouragement and cheerleading from other members. We run weekly challenges and share resources — all within Circle.”

How does Circle help you manage your content and resources?

“We have a ‘knowledge space’ where I’ve created a linear learning pathway where you can actually work through lessons from start to finish and understand the fundamental principles of community.” 

Within Circle, Learn.Community also makes use of:

  • An events section where members can find and join upcoming events
  • An ‘workshop replay’ space where members can view videos of workshops on-demand
  • A section dedicated to acquiring new knowledge and sharing insights
  • An announcements section where members can keep up to date with the latest happenings

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