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Creating More Dynamic & Engaging Virtual Experiences for Community Leaders, Course Creators, and Online Trainers & Coaches


Breakthrough Facilitation is an online course and a community of people who want to rewrite the playbook for how we facilitate and gather online. It is for people who want to lead more dynamic and engaging virtual experiences for their groups, including remote team leaders, course creators, online community leaders, trainers, and coaches from around the world.

Standout Circle feature

The “Add Cover” feature is so simple, but it allows community members to personalize and get creative with their posts. For example, when course participants introduce themselves they can put photos of where they live and things they like to do. Having it linked to Unsplash is a really easy way for people to source photos.

Circle keeps topics and conversations easy to access which leads to more engagement. We have found that our community members are highly engaged—a recent monthly challenge event generated over 500 comments!
Karen Beattie
Marketing Manager at Smart Passive Income
SPI Pro community
How Circle helped achieve your goals

By far the biggest win has been the caliber of participants who have come through the program. Despite all of the prep and research I did, when I launched the program, I didn’t know for sure who would sign up. I have been blown away by the passion and commitment of the participants in both cohorts. Rather than being a traditional training, we are really exploring the frontiers of what is possible with group work online together. It’s very exciting!

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