Learn why DesignerUp chooses Circle to help designers become more mindful
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Learn why DesignerUp chooses Circle to help designers become more mindful

“Our community is for designers from all walks of life to become more mindful and skillful creators of digital products through resources, courses, tutorials, and community.”
Elizabeth Ally, DesignerUp Founder
How does your community use Circle? 

“Circle is where students come to hang out, support each other, get feedback on what they’re working on, and find additional design tutorials and resources. 

We have a few main spaces for our members, depending on their access level: 

  • The “Introductions and announcements” space
  • The “ Community space” where members can share useful content they come across and share content themselves. 
  • The “Mindful exercises” space where we have meaningful conversations about how to cultivate empathy, take better care of our mental health, integrate ourselves into our work, and make better products for others. 
  • The “Resources” space, which we load up with exclusive discounts to design software and tools curated for product designers and host expert workshops and tutorials.
  • The “Asset library” space where students get free access to DesignerUp downloadables like our notion templates for product designers. 
  • Finally, we have our “Private student” spaces for those enrolled in our 1:1 tailored bootcamp programme.”
What do you love most about Circle? 

“Circle completely changed the way we’ve been able to engage with our community and it’s given us the ability to have students with different goals and interests all sharing the same space, collaborating with each other, and seeing content that’s relevant to them.”

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