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    Gone are the days of needing to make a whole bunch of different tools work together. With Circle, you can combine the exciting, interactive nature of a community with your content — all in one seamless experience.

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    You have a vision for your community experience. Circle provides you with the building blocks to bring your vision to life — fast and without the headaches.


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      Organized discussions

    • Check markRich posts
    • Check markContent co-pilot
    • Check markImmersive courses
    • Check markPrivate spaces
    • Check markAutomatic video transcriptions
    • Check markMember directory
    • Check markCustomized branding


    • Check markGroup chat rooms
    • Check markPrivate messaging
    • Check markEvent spaces
    • Check markLive streams
    • Check markWeekly digests
    • Check markAutomated check-ins
    • Check markGamified rewards
    • Check markBulk DMs


    • Check markPaid memberships
    • Check markOne-time payments
    • Check markRecurring subscriptions
    • Check markGate access
    • Check markFree trials and upsells
    • Check markPayment installments
    • Check markCoupons and discounts
    • Check markSubscription renewal reminders


    • Check markThousands of integrations
    • Check markAutomated workflows
    • Check markCustom profile fields
    • Check markAI activity scores
    • Check markBulk actions
    • Check markSingle sign-on
    • Check markRoles & permissions
    • Check markAuto-remove churned members

    Built for community-powered courses

    Goodbye one-dimensional lectures, hello immersive experiences.
    Bring your course to life with:
    • Check markCohort-based groups
    • Check markDrip lessons
    • Check markExclusive masterclasses
    • Check mark1:1 connections and DMs
    • Check markAutomated check-ins and rewards
    • Check markWeekly office hours
    • Check markPersonalized and group coaching
    • Check markLive Q&As


    Organized, easy to navigate — and fun for your members

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    Circle has everything you need to run your business, all in one place. That means one log-in for your students’ online courses, live sessions, and real-time chat. Now, they can help those behind them, connect with those alongside them, and learn from those ahead of them.


    Interactive courses, live streams, group chats, & events – so you can actually connect

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    Go live to hundreds of your members with multiple co-hosts. Pull attendees up on stage with you to chat. Crisp video & audio that just works.

    Gather with your people

    Easily create immersive live video experiences right inside of your Circle community. Whether it’s a 5-person group coaching call, a 50-person online class, or a 500-person broadcast with live Q&A — we’ve got you covered.


    Monetize your community with flexible payments

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    Your business model needs flexibility. With Circle, you can unlock access to different parts of your community based on the type of community that you run. Great for memberships, coaching, courses, or more.


    Easy integrations with your existing tools

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    Circle plays nice with all of your existing tools — it’s what we’re known for. While you likely won’t need to integrate for most of your needs, you will always have the option to with Circle.

    In the last edition we launched Circle, a next-generation online discussion forum. It has had a profound impact on the community-building aspect of the course. It is far more modern, user-friendly, interactive, and muti-faceted than any other platform out there, and we are making it the home of our student community.


    Access to 8,500+ community builders on the same journey as you.

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    Learn how to onboard your members, grow your community, keep members engaged, community business models, and more in live weekly workshops with our team.

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